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The Beecher 4th of July Festival starts tomorrow!

June 29, 2018

Still so much to do. Thankfully with have 3 generations of amazing ladies and some cute paws getting it done!

Okay, so this happened...

July 1, 2018

Yesterday was the first day of us having a canopy at the Beecher 4th of July festival.  Once the canopy, tables, jewelry and everything was set-up, I had to do some MASSIVE editing. Everything looked like it would fit on paper, not so much in real life. Still, I was very happy with the end result. It was adorable! But the heat and humidity were killing me. So I'm not doing it again today and not sure about the rest of the week.

I'm glad I tried. Business was actually pretty good once the sun set. I learned a lot and I want to try it again. But I have to change some things. It was a good learning experience and I got some great photos.

I'll try to link the Facebook photo album I created or try to make one for here.