Alterations, Accessories & Decor

Be it hemming a bridesmaid dress, finding the perfect set of earrings, purse or
finding the perfect and unique house warming present, stop by your local Beecher shop.
We have an eclectic collection of old and new gems to look, touch and bring home. 

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Seamstress & Alterations

Alter or repair pants, dresses, pillows. Hem, repair buttons, expand sides, take-in. Create custom apparel, dance costumes, hair accessories & prom garters. Ask and we'll see. Just "NO ZIPPERS. Capes are cool so long as you are not a superhero. 

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Jewelry & Accessories

We sell jewelry collected from estate sales, garage sales, my sister's collection, some created by TTS. We also can create custom hair accessories to match your bridal party or prom dress.

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Home Decor & Antiques

Collected from estate sales, garage sales, friends and family. All with character. Inventory changes every weekend and not all is displayed. Let us know if you are looking for something in particular and we'll see what we can do.

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